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Fireworks Show - 9:00 pm
Taste of Jalisco Title Sponsor Sunniva
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Los Tiranos del Norte - 8:00 pm
Horse Show
1:15:pm Festival Lawn
Nacho Bustillos
7:00 pm

Folkloric Dancers

Mariachi Limon de Javier Hernandez - 12:15pm

Taste of Jalisco Festival Melodia Versatil
Melodia Versatil - 5:00 pm
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Free Parking

3rd Annual
Taste of Jalisco Festival
February 10, 2018
68600 E. Palm Canyon Drive
Cathedral City, CA

Free Admission

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Taste of Jalisco Festival Melodia Versatil

Melodia Versatil

February 10 @ 5:00pm
Taste of Jalisco Festival Los Tiranos del Norte

Los Tiranos del Norte

February 10 @ 8:00pm
Taste of Jalisco Festival square logo
Taste of Jalisco nacho

Nacho Bustillos y su Quinto Menguante

February 10 @ 7:00pm
Taste of Jalisco hindsite


February 10 @ 6:00pm
Taste of Jalisco Festival Benjamin Flores

Benjamin Flores

February 10 @ 3:00 pm
Taste of Jalisco Festival MYX


February 10 @ 4:00pm
Taste of Jalisco Festival Mariachi Limon

Mariachi Limon de Javier Hernandez

February 10 @ 12:15
Taste of Jalisco Festival Vanessa-Damita-Martinez

Vanessa "Damita" Martinez

February 10 @ 1:15pm
Taste of Jalisco Festival Zable Norteno

Zable Norteno

February 10 @ 2:00 pm

What a vibrant display of music, art, culture
and community at the Taste of Jalisco Festival."

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

Festival Features

Aztec Dancers

Taste of Jalisco Festival aztec
Aztec Dancers

The Concheros dance, also known as the Chichimecas, Aztecas and Mexicas, is an important traditional dance and ceremony which has been performed in Mexico since early in the colonial period. It presents syncretic features both pre-Hispanic and Christian.

Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklorico

Taste of Jalisco Festival folkloric dancers

Ballet folklórico, literally "folkloric dance" in Spanish, is a collective term for traditional Mexican in dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics - pointed toes, exaggerated movements, highly choreographed..

Low-rider Car Show

Taste of Jalisco low rider
Low-rider Car Show

Low-rider Car Show

Street Kingz CC will have their rides on display

Begins at 11:00 Am


Food Court

Food Court

A true highlight of the Festival is the wonderful selection of gourmet food offering guests fresh cuisine to please any palate.  These chefs bring their special recipes from the local area and fire up delectable dishes at affordable prices.  Save room for dessert as several options will be onsite to sweeten your day including La Michoacana Ice Cream Parlor.

Outdoor Market

Outdoor Market

Enjoy shopping at an outdoor market here at the Taste of Jaliso Festival .

This outdoor market will feature gourmet foods, apparel, home items, pet accessories, jewelry, hand-crafted art, plants, fresh produce and health & wellness.


Taste of Jalisco fireworks

Fireworks Show Finale
9:00 pm

Traditional Jalisco style fireworks display.

Sponsored by
Taste of Jalisco Title Sponsor Sunniva

Free Kid Zone

Free Kid Zone

Large Bounce Houses & Obstacle Course, Face Painting, SCRAP Gallery Art Projects. 

Plenty of activities for the young ones.



Traditional Mexican folk music, performed by a group of strolling musicians dressed in native costume. The usual Mariachi group today consists of as many as eight violins, two trumpets and at least one guitar. Traditional Mariachi guitars include the vihuela, a high-pitched, round-backed guitar that provides rhythm, and a bass guitar called a guitarrón, which also provides rhythm.

Tequila Flights & Beer

Flights of Tequila & Imported Beer

Come enjoy Flights of Tequila & Imported Beer.

Adults over the age of 21 can enjoy some adult beverages in our Tequila Tasting & Beer Garden.

VIP Tables

Taste of Jalisco vip table
VIP Tables

Taste of Jalisco Festival table seatingFor the first time ever, we will offer reserved table seats for guests who want to have dedicated places to sit, get up, and dance.  It allows you to dance, go get food or drinks, shop the outdoor market, and know your seat is still available when you return.

From 5 pm to 9 pm, reserve a table of eight seats for you and your guests.  Premier Tables (1 thru 12) are $125 for eight seats and Reserved Tables (14 thru 53) are $100 for eight seats.  Treat yourself to VIP status and book your table today, before they are gone.

"Taste of Jalisco in CC! Come support the community
... great fun, good tequila and yummy food"

2017 Festival Attendee



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Taste of Jalisco Title Sponsor Sunniva

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 "...the mariachi band is shredding at the Taste of Jalisco Festival"


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