Salcido Norte

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Natives of Durango, Jalisco and Guanajuato. Northern style with saxophone. “Ay Amor” was the first recording with which they have met in the area of ​​Los Angeles and its surroundings … then comes their second record recording under the KIUBO MUSIC label that would take by title “Corazón Prisionero” of which dan has known several successes such as; “Stay with me tonight” and “Punchis Punchis” With a fresh and cheerful sound that makes itself felt when listening to them. November 2011 The third of its productions, titled “Humbly Norteño”, is released to the market, which is very much awaited by all of its fans. March 2014, they return again with “From the Northern Heart” until today their best album since in the reflects the experience acquired in these years of solid musical training. It is worth mentioning that Salcido Norte has been present in several important scenarios of the American union alternating with the best groups.


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