The Myx

Performance time:
2:45 pm


Paul V. - Vocals/Bass
Carlos Torres - Vocals/Guitar


THE MYX is a powerful little three piece band from the Palm Springs desert area. Playing all styles of music from the 50's to the present and is perfect for all venues large or small. The Band has played together for many years. The Myx started as a group of passionate musicians, they have strong vocals both in English and Spanish and tight harmonies. These experienced musicians know how to feel the crowd and play for the size and feel of their venue. They have played Spanish tunes at the Palm Springs Pavillion, Rocked at the Fantasy Springs casino, and traveled from Oregon to Alaska working the Red Line Hotel circuit.....their range of style runs from fine dining at The Indian Wells Country Club, to large scale special events like the So Cal Fair, or they can be right at home at local watering holes like the Palm Springs Village Pub. The Myx is crowd pleaser, guaranteed to make any club hop, party dance, or bar groove. They are professional musicians who just love to play.

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